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Trying to figure out which shade of lipstick is better or which perfume scent is the best? Well, tough choices huh?

Decision making has been a part of the human life cycle. It already started at the point when we were in a dilemma as to choosing a lollipop or a chocolate when we were youngsters. Eventually, making decisions has evolved as we grow older. It seems like we are some characters from computer games–the higher the level, the tougher the  scenario. However, unlike those characters we won’t be able to have our game be played again and again. Hence, whatever our decisions are, there will be no other way but to face the music and learn something from it.

The study of Cornell last 2006 found out that an average of 221 decisions everyday were made by the students in FOOD ALONE (can’t blame them though).  Unfortunately, decision making does not only revolve around the choices of food we like to eat or movie we want to watch (Yep! It’s never easy). In reality, the choices we are going to make will affect every second of our future. And so, it builds the big question of: “How will I know if I am making the right decision?” Well, here are the three simple guides that can help you illuminate the deepest surface of your thoughts (tsarot!) xD. First, weigh in your wants and your needs. Next, connect the dots and lastly, anticipate what’s coming.

  1. Weigh in wants and needs – in the midst of choosing, you must have to think whether you will choose it because that’s what you like, or the other way around because you have to be practical. It’s never wrong to prioritize yourself by choosing what you want, nor being selfless by deciding to choose something because you need it. If you see an option that you think is both what you want and need, then BRAVO! That’s a good catch. Unluckily, it’s not a walk in the park most of time. Making decision by want is actually a little bit tricky since it can look like a sparkling trophy and may lead us to choosing it without further thinking critically. Weighing in your decision plays a crucial role in the process since it serves as the foundation of the next steps. When having difficulties, it is also good to extend further to our family, relatives and friends. This way, we can see the different angles of the picture we are trying to portray.But we all know that it’ll always be us to decide  at the end of the day. Just don’t forget to ask yourself this question: “Am I choosing this because this is what I want or because this is what I need?” 
  2. Connect the dots – to support our pending choice, we can also try to trace the happenings of our lives. We may start with the previous events which can also serve as a lesson if we did some wrong decisions previously. Some people think that making decision is such a can of worms but I suggest that we see this thing on a lighter note. Just think of making decisions as a way to either correct our past mistakes or develop and continue the right choices we made before. Time will come that we will realize the purpose of choosing a specific decision in the past because it was meant to connect with the decision we are making right now and for the future.
  3. Anticipate what’s coming – an egg pie can never be called one without the egg. So as making decision without anticipating what’s coming. When choosing something, we must think of the possible things that may occur if we choose it or the other. This way, we can brace ourselves onto what’s coming. It’s either having a bad decision and getting ready for a war or successfully choosing an option and expecting to receive a reward. It is better to imagine potential events that may happen when making a decision so that we can be armed in whatever scenario our choices may lead us.

Don’t view decision making as a burden or dilemma. Instead, remember that this is how we exercise our freedom and even develop our maturity as a person. It never stops when we choose the wrong road because it always gives us not just twice, but many chances to straighten the U-turns we made in the past.

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” –Roy E. Disney

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